Frequently Asked Questions

Why was SeeHerWork created?

The creation of SeeHerWork came in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 after the founder grew frustration from the lack of well-designed, well-fitting work clothes for the women who came to demo and restore her home in Houston, Texas. After conducting extensive research and learning from over 50 focus groups, the findings were crystal clear. Properly designed and fitting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) reduces injuries and fatalities in the workplace. The PPE available today not only puts women at risk but also restrains them from delivering optimal production; thus, perpetuating the myth that women are not suitable for civil, commercial and industrial careers.

What products do they sell?

We at SeeHerWork are committed to creating products that are designed specifically for the female form, so that female workers can feel Safe, Strong, and Perform at their best. The SeeHerWork product line contains just about everything a worker would need including gloves that fit smaller hands, workwear that fastens and buttons in the proper direction for females, undergarments that protect sensitive areas from flying debris, eye protection, ear protection, respirators, workwear, footwear, Fire Resistant (FR) clothing, and bags. Vote on the sequencing of our product development activities by submitting your priorities here.

What is the return policy and procedure?

To read the SeeHerWork Return Policy click here.

What if I have a question?

The Customer Happiness Team can help! Either send an email to or call +1 (281) 623-1448 and ask for Customer Service.