About SeeHerWork

SeeHerWork’s mission and commitment are to reduce injuries, save lives and attract more women into careers experiencing massive labor shortages. That's why SeeHerWork commits a minimum of 2% of product sales to support community education and outreach.

SeeHerWork is an inclusion consultancy and product manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and sells workwear, safety equipment, and other job-specific products for both women and men that are sized to their unique body needs and to help them operate as one team. In addition to protecting from hazards, well-fitting products inspire greater confidence, allowing the operating team to feel strong and perform at their best while executing day-to-day job duties. Additionally, SeeHerWork offers a PPE management platform that is uniquely designed to remove unconscious biases in sourcing with well-fitting, high-performing, and safe gear that is in line with the Safety Professional expectations by site, job, and task; thus not only providing gear that fits the unique body needs of both men and women but also significantly reducing (50% of FTE for 100 people) the amount of time a Safety Professional spends on PPE Compliance, Asset Management and Reporting.


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