About SeeHerWork

SeeHerWork’s mission and commitment are to reduce injuries, save lives and attract more women into careers experiencing massive labor shortages. That's why SeeHerWork commits a minimum of 2% of product sales to support community education and outreach.

SeeHerWork is an inclusion consultancy that researches, sources, and designs workwear, safety equipment, and other job-specific products for both women and men that are sized to their unique body needs and sets them up to operate as one team. Unlike solutions that offer millions of products and lacks the specific needs for each Site, Job, and Task, SeeHerWork sets employers up for success by proactively engaging their safety and operational professionals to create a repeatable, sustainable solution that saves time chasing PPE violations, ensures an engaged and resourceful supply chain, and returns dollars to the bottom line.

Services: PPE Programming, Sourcing, and Design


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