About SeeHerWork

SeeHerWork partners with employers to provide Safe and Inclusive Automated PPE Programming, contract Research and Product Development, and Product Sourcing to meet the challenges of today's labor shortages while setting up sustainable operations as One Team. We are not simply providing products or training. Instead, we are a solution to a much-needed 50+ year gap in personal protective clothing and equipment (a.k.a. PPE) where improvements in data, processes, systems, and products are required to remove obstacles inhibiting women from entry and advancement. Similarly, we are a solution for men and through our F4Work ("fit for work") brand, where improvements expand everyone's ability to complete tasks while continuing to wear safe, high-performing gear. Unlike today's work environment, where there is a common limiting belief that "All PPE sucks," SeeHerWork's vision is to partner with employers to provide access to safer, higher-performing products where the worker wants to continue to wear the gear while performing tasks.

Mission: Reduce injuries, save lives, attract more people into labor shortages.