Programs and Training

Much like professional sports, healthy work environments start with well-fitting work clothing and equipment but also include programs and training to ensure high performance.

What is a program?

A program is a planned series of activities and events based on an expected change in future results. Like many others that have found this site, if you are looking to recruit more women into jobs that are experiencing labor shortages, the purposeful setup of gender-diverse work programs may be required. With some planning, employers and supervisors can elevate productivity and significantly reduce the negative impacts that deter women from job opportunities.

What can I expect?

Typically, programs start with an assessment to see how the group is performing against other benchmarks and what might be getting in the way of success. Barriers can present as process improvement opportunities or even unconscious biases.

Unconscious biases are social stereotypes that stem from life experiences, marketing, and social pressures. The opportunity is to assess the biases and decide whether the inputs into the environment need to change to help shift agreements. For example, the act of chivalry is welcomed by many women outside the work environment, but while at work many women want to carry their own equipment, shovel (both literally and figuratively) their own portion of work and work the same risky activities as their peers. While the best intentions are present, a look at unconscious biases may be needed to provide easier pathways to success.

How to get started?

Getting your Program started is simple. We are here to help. Through a complimentary 1-hour discovery session, we will understand the desired results and present ideas for how to move your organization forward. Send an email to to book your session today.