The lack of evolution in work gear has lasted 50 years, but a REVOLUTION is starting...

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Each day, over 6 million women go to work in industries like manufacturing, construction, and energy, putting their lives at risk due to ill-fitting work clothing and equipment. Additionally, the US is predicting a 31 million job vacancy in 2020 from Baby Boomer retirement. With every five skilled tradespersons that retire, only one enters. This trend will critically impact the US economy without proactive action.

Since 2016, a substantial number of women stepped up to fill openings that offer equal pay and growth opportunities similar to their male counterparts. Unfortunately, the safety clothing and equipment industry has not evolved with the growing female workforce demand. With 14 major gaps in personal protective clothing and equipment (a.k.a. PPE), SeeHerWork is assisting employers with an in-depth look at both the products they purchase and processes they use to source the gear to create Safe AND Inclusive Work Environments. Today, women are left to deal with ill-fitting gear that hinders performance, puts their safety at risk, and ultimately drives them away. These limited solutions are creating a 50-year-old-barrier to entry and advancement that not only impacts the success of the women but also leaves employers to continue to feel pains from labor and production shortages.

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