Pros Guide: COVID-19 Stages and Quarantine Recovery Rules


SeeHerWork engaged firefighters to understand what they may need as donations while in quarantine. We didn’t expect to find such insightful definitions for the “COVID-19 Stages” and “Quarantine Recovery Rules” for getting back to work quickly. We hope you gain insights from these heroes but ask that you follow your doctor’s orders on your individual recovery plans.


Pros Guide: COVID-19 Stages and Recovery RulesShare real-world insights on how the working men and women on the front line are taking a proactive attack on COVID-19 (a.k.a. "Rona") during their quarantines. This information should not replace the advice of your doctors. Please feel free to list other helpful products or information in the comments below to help us all get through this crazy point in history together.

Quarantine Product Needs:

To have, obtain, or donate to those in quarantine. 

  • Hand soap
  • Paper Towels
  • Detergent
  • Dryer sheets
  • Disinfecting Spray
  • Thermometers
  • Mouthwash
  • Tissues
  • Trash bags
  • Cooked meals/method of getting to food without going out in public
  • Hot sauce or other spices to open airways

COVID-19 Stages:

Per the firefighters that we interviewed, when they got back to work, they shared their experiences and came up with these stages as a reference to help people recover.


Stage Name

What to expect



This day jumps around (as you might expect) but is referred to as “Day 1” for the sake of the experiences shared.



Most expressed feeling lethargic a day or two after exposure sometimes with or without a temperature. They mentioned it was a good time to get tested / start quarantine.



The loss of smell and/or taste comes on quickly and is a good indication of a COVID infection.



Many shared that quickly after losing their smell that they started a temp and/or the feeling lethargic got worse.



During this period, you will start to see an indication of whether you are getting better or heading down a path for getting worse. Temp gets back to normal, but they warn to watch for the “Temp spike” after 3 days without temp and medication.

10 to 30

Path to

Assuming you are on the path to recovery, working professionals have shared lingering effects of feeling lethargic and the need to stay diligent on the “Rules”. Some even expressed how they had new working agreements with their teammates when going back to work (i.e. taking naps when needed) as most didn’t feel quite the same for at least a month. They all reassured that this does not mean they are infectious, just that the body takes time to heal. They also mentioned that relaxing the rules a bit is ok...moving to washing sheets once every 4 days vs. daily.


Quarantine Recovery Rules

Starting Assumption: Anyone having trouble with breathing should contact their physician ASAP! Don’t wait. Those that wait can quickly take a turn for the worst during days 7-10.

Rule #1: Do not feel sorry for yourself. It doesn’t matter how you got it. Your job is to take care of you. Many do not know how they got it. They could have relaxed their mask at the wrong time or touched an infected area too soon. Don’t put your mind there. Place your mind on protecting your family, your coworkers, and getting healthy.

Rule #2: Sweat Rona Out! Yes, you are sick, but that does not mean go lay down. Keep moving. Go for a walk. Go pick weeds. Clean the house. Just keep moving! Sweat Rona out!

Rule #3: Nap when your body demands it. During the day, your body will demand rest. When it does, take a nap for 30 mins / 1 hr. When done, get back up and moving!

Rule #4: Take and chart your temp often. At a min, every two hours, and take notes on the day, time, temp, how you felt, and what symptoms you had at the time.

Rule #5: Do not let your temp get out of control. Whatever method your Dr or momma prescribed to keep your temp down, do it. I.e. rotating medication or taking a bath.

Rule #6: Wash everything daily as you cannot sit in Rona. Until you have no temp for greater than 3 days without medicine to support, wash the sheets on your bed, your towels, and all your clothes daily. Use Lysol spray on furniture and wipe down counters. Post at risk period (when you have a temp), move to every 4 days.

Rule #7: Keep getting Rona Out. In addition to blowing your nose/opening the airways with spices (i.e. Hot Sauce), gargle three times a day to kill infection in the throat.

Rule #8: Don’t give up! You are not alone. Call someone to help but understand that they are likely going to be just as scared of the unknown as you are, so don't be afraid to ask for what you need. Here are some things you can ask for:

  • Ask them to hold you accountable to Rule #1 – do not feel sorry for yourself
  • Ask them to hold you accountable to Rule #2 – get moving
  • Ask them to help you get a hold of the Items for Quarantine above

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